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Thursday, March 14, 2013

“All The World’s A Stage"

“All the world’s a stage,” William Shakespeare wrote in his comedy As You Like It, and several Flatbush classes recently got to see firsthand what he meant. Seniors, juniors, and select sophomores were treated to a production of the play at the New Victory Theater in Manhattan on Thursday, February 28, and Wednesday, March 5.

In the days before the trip, actors from the theater visited classes at Flatbush to run fun, interactive workshops about the play. It was the first trip to the theater for some students, but for everyone it was a chance to see Shakespeare’s writing come off the pages of their books and spring to life on stage. After the play most of the conversation was about the interesting forest creatures that helped transition from scene to scene.

The play focuses on a heroine, Rosalind, who escapes an evil Duke by disguising herself as a man and hiding out in the forest. There she runs into her love, Orlando, who himself is hiding out from the Duke and from his own brother. The play ends with Rosalind and Orlando getting married, along with three other couples that meet up along the way.