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Friday, March 8, 2013

Freshman Seminar 2013

As a freshman I had no idea what I was in for last weekend. People kept saying how seminar is amazing, spiritual, and special. I was excited, yet unaware of how one weekend could be so incredible.

It started on Thursday, when alumna Debbie Nehmad spoke to us. Her speech taught us to not judge people and their pasts. We watched a couple of videos on bullying and got to know our advisors. We had a great session to discuss the challenges involving peer pressure and then went home to get ready for the next day.

Friday morning, we got on the buses and went to the Berkeley hotel. We went upstairs, put our stuff in our rooms and went downstairs and had a moving program about disabilities. After lunch and rikkudim we took part in an inspirational program in memory of Jherin Gorcey A"H. We learned that one person could make a huge difference for others and that we must try our best to be the best we could be. Before shabbat we dance and sang during Pre-Shabbat Ruach. The entire Shabbat we all felt very close to Hashem and took part in sessions about family, friendship, and more. Shabbat ended with an amazing Havdallah, one that I have never experienced before. Saturday night we had a lot of fun with Class Wars and rikudim. We ended the night with a touching program and a kumzitz.

Unity. Defined as the state of being one. I thought I understood the meaning of unity before this seminar. I was very wrong. The weekend felt like everyone was so close to each other and Hashem. I fully understood why people love seminar and I can't wait until next year! Only 11 months to go! ~Pam Cohen