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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Model Congress Success!

On March 13, 2013 members of Yeshivah of Flatbush High School Model Congress (YOFMC) brought home four state-wide awards from Yeshiva League Model Congress in The Five Towns.

This year, YOFMC, an extracurricular “team” all had the chance to travel to the five towns and compete in Model Congress programs overwhelmingly populated by private school teams. The hours, days, weeks, and months of dedication it takes to get to that point all add up to "The Model Congress Experience."

For over 10 years, YOFMC has been largely led by its student captains. The 2013 YOFMC presidents are Senior Captain, Ariel Aiash and Junior Captain, Charles Chakkalo. This was an amazing group, they were competitive, competent, and cohesive-excellent leaders. They carry on a legacy of excellence established by past leaders who've mentored them.

This year, over half of the YOFMC Team received awards. Honorable Mention Awards going to: Andrew Hersh 3HR and Shterney Isseroff 4T. Best Delegates went to both the Senior and Junior captains, Ariel Aiash and Charles Chakkalo. The overwhelming success of the YOFMC took place under the leadership of our coach Mr. Brian Katz.

Through the YOFMC students learn about America's system of government, while also experiencing the culture of top-notch Yeshivas and developing confidence, public speaking talents, and other skills.

~Charles Chakkalo, Junior Captain