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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Falcon's Nest Notes: JV Girls Basketball Team Volunteer at Soup Kitchen

JV Girls Basketball team with Coach Rozan Mizrahi
On Sunday, December 15, the JV Girls Basketball team had the opportunity to volunteer at Masbia, a soup kitchen located on Coney Island Ave and Ave J. After hours of basketball practice that morning, the team headed over to Masbia together, demonstrating that they are capable of working as a team helping those who are less fortunate in addition to working as a team on the court. They first washed their hands, put on hairnets, and put on some gloves. Then they got to work. The team, with the help of their coaches Rozan Mizrahi and Jon Gabriel, peeled about 200 pounds of yams and cut up about 300 pounds of butternut squash, which would be able to feed many people. While preparing food for the less fortunate, the team gained a very valuable lesson: It is always important to give back.  ~Sylvia Franco

Nest Notes
The JV Girls Basketball team's involvement with the Masbia Soup Kitchen is in following with the goal of the athletic department for each level of each team to engage in a Chesed project that provides our student-athletes with leadership opportunities and gives back to the community. Chazak U'Baruch to Coach Mizrahi and the Flatbush Girls' JV Basketball team!