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Friday, December 27, 2013

Pathfinders Update: Students Pursue Culinary Interests

Ralph Missry with Ron Ben Israel
Last week, I along with other Yeshivah of Flatbush students had the opportunity to take part in a culinary event at the Sephardic Community Center. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it was a great learning experience. We got to see how some people from our community run their culinary related businesses. It's amazing to think that our community has so many talented people. Ron Ben Israel, the host of Food Network's Sweet Genius, also attended the event. He had a presentation and spoke about his life story and his family background. He also spoke about how his business works and what he does. After the speaking presentation, Ron Ben Israel had a baking presentation. He taught a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sugar flower. It took him about 5-10 minutes to make the sugar flower. It was beautiful, and really fascinating to see how he could make something so fragile, with so much detail, so quickly. It was an honor meeting him and learning everything from him. 
~Nancy Torgueman