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Monday, December 2, 2013

Students Participate in AIPAC Event with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

Jason Koppel, AIPAC Brooklyn Area Director and a Flatbush alumnus with Current Flatbush Students at Brooklyn AIPAC Event
Flatbush Students, David Feintuch, Robert Tawil, and Andrew Hersh at AIPAC Event
(From right to left)

Last Monday night, November 26, I, along with a few peers from the Yeshivah of Flatbush Israel Activism Commission, had the honor and amazing experience of listening to Congressman Jeffries of New York's 8th congressional district at an event organized by AIPAC’s Brooklyn Division. He spoke about why Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship is important to him and discussed his past visit to Israel over the summer. He was able to understand personally the perspective of citizens in Israel on why it is important for Iran to not acquire any means of nuclear production.

Congressman Jeffries explained his fierce opposition to a nuclear-Iran through two points - proximity and historical context. Regarding proximity, Congressman Jeffries used the analogy of the United States’ reaction about hearing that the Soviet Union was setting up nuclear missile bases in Cuba during the Cold War, and the fear that spread across the nation. The same feelings are happening in Israel right now, due to Iran’s proximity. The historical context is important because history teaches us that when someone wanted to eradicate the Jews, they make the biggest push possible.

It was clear how passionate Hakeem Jeffries is about support of Israel to exist and he reassured my hope that the United States truly does care about Israel. What made the event really special was how personal it felt. We were the only high school students there so it gave me the unique opportunity to express my own words to Congressman Jeffries and even take pictures with him. There were many other influential people at the event in regards to making connections. I was able to get many business cards from AIPAC leaders and New York State committeemen. Meeting them in person makes me feel more comfortable emailing them and forming connections with them in the future.

I was so glad to have participated in this event and I hope to be part of many more. I hope the same goes for all of you. After all, the organizer of the event, Jason Koppel, is a proud Flatbush alumnus.
~David Feintuch
Junior, David Feintuch with Congressman Jeffries