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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Flacon's Nest Notes: Flatbush Varsity Defeats HANC to Climb Back Into Playoff Hunt

Flatbush Falcon boys defend on the road

Flatbush Varsity Defeats HANC on 24 December to Climb Back Into Playoff Hunt; A Poem from Coach Avi Borenstein

T'was the night before Yule,
coming of a rough 3 game spank,
the boys were 3-5
and were heading to HANC.

Somewhere out on the EyeLand,
on a bus ride of length
the Falcons really needed
help from the starters and bench.

On this night 3 teams 3-5
went out to play
to see who could rise to the playoffs
or who would fly away.
Buddy Setton shoots a free throw on the road

Rambam vesus Magen,
Hillel at MDY
Flatbush Falcons in a Hurricane
all needed wins, that's no lie.

This night was for gut check
to see of what stuff they're made
A fight for the playoffs,
would they rise or they fade?

Facing adversity
was there gas in the tank?
And the last scheduled practice,
was interrupted by the blood bank.

So, the team moved the gurneys,
and ran through new drills,
learned a whole new motion offense
run with aplomb; gave the chills.

There is no quit in Falcon,
now time for the game,
on the cold erev Yuletide
would they fly? Would they wane?

This game was a battle,
physical and tough
the Hurricanes from Long EyeLand
tried to play rough.

But the Falcons had spirit,
and they had come to play
the would not leave HANC empty-handed
not if they had their way.

It was 13-8 at the quarter,
28-22 at the half,
Considering the boys had only 24 total at Riverdale,
there might be reason to laugh.

But the Canes were a tough bunch,
would not be the quiet storm in this story
roared out of the locker
and tied the game at all 40.

Would the Falcons relent?
Would they they be crushed by the Cane's burst?
or would they rise to the occasion
Show they had left behind the worst?

With renewed man to man defense
and a heart big as all Kings,
the Falcons rose higher
'cause they knew what a win means.

Joe Dayan 6 for 6
at the 4th quarter charity stripe,
Murr Mizrachi ate rebounds
team D cut like a knife.

With Nathan H at the point,
Joey Dweck making steals
the Twin Michaels playing defense
the intensity unreal.

Flatbush rose to the occasion
outscored HANC 15-8
got to leave with a "W"
final score 55-48.

To leave HANC with a win
it took the whole team,
start with two big shots by Harrari
Bobby's point play finding seams..

Victor S played great D,
as did Meyer and Shawn
Braha came off the bench
to show muscle and brawn.

Sam played with his usual swagger,
the bench screaming "de-fense"
in a total team effort,
the Falcon's spirit was intense.

Nathan finished with 13,
Dayan 22,
but the story of the game,
is what passion will do.

When you bad need a win
and your back's to the wall,
from the starters to the bench play
every Falcon met the call.

Now 4-5, back on track
and DRS Saturday night
the Falcons are ready
to get back in the fight.

YDE lost to Hillel,
Magen beat the Ravens in a fight
and the Falcons soared again
on this cold winter night.

So, give credit to their spirit,
their skill and desire,
there is still so much opportunity
for the Falcons to fly higher,

Come watch Falcons face the Wildcats,
come see Falcons fight,
We hope to see our fans,
on this coming Shabbat night.

In conclusion we thank
Leor and Gus
Eric and also Mike Gelber
for arranging the bus.

Rabbi B stepped up big
Noam Menashe kept the stats,
We shot grit and courage,
to all, we tip our hats.

So now, fans come join us,
Watch us fight for our playoff lives,
all games are at home
no excuses, no more travel,

Good luck to all,
and to all a good night!

Avi Borenstein
Head Coach, Flatbush Falcons Boys Basketball