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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Juniors Experience Jewish History at the Living Torah Museum

Throughout he month of December all of the junior classes had the unique opportunity to learn Jewish History outside the classroom, in the Living Torah Museum in Boro Park. Students got to look at and hold Middle Eastern artifacts from thousands of years ago. The museum was founded by Rabbi Shaul Deutch to give people the ability to experience the Biblical world in a hands-on-way. Most artifacts are salvaged from shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea. Among the items on display were the world's oldest (and smallest) chanukkiah and a gold coin with Antiochus's face etched on it. There were vases, golden earrings, and clay pots. Students got to hold real Roman gladiators swords, and some competed to see who could hold up a ballistae ball for the longest. Oren Moskowitz was able to hold it up for 10 minutes, earning him a $100 gift card. The students also were able to explore the museum's exhibit of preserved real kosher and nonkosher animals. They watched part of a video detailing where each animal is mentioned in the Torah. It was great to get to see, and to hold, history. This experience complements what the juniors are learning in their Jewish History classes which focus on the Ancient and Classical periods of Jewish History. Thank you to all involved in planning the trip, especially Mrs. Wielgus, Jewish History department chair. This trip, while enjoyable, also served to enhance the students' appreciation for Jewish History. ~Sarah Levy 3HR