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Friday, December 27, 2013

Sunday Chesed Day to Special Children's Center: 12/22/13

On Sunday, December 22nd, 50 students led by Rabbi Besser headed over to Lakewood, New Jersey to visit and volunteer at the Special Children's Ceter. The Special Children's Center is a place where children with mental and physical disabilities have a place to go have fun and interact with children alike. When we arrived at the center we were greeted with a warm welcome and gorgeous smiles from the children. We then divided into classrooms to have fun with the children. Some classes had the activities of cookie decorating, pass the present, singing and yoga. It was amazing to see how excited and happy the kids were. After about an hour in the classrooms we all headed into their lunchroom for dancing. Everyone was dancing with one of the children and he had a huge smile on his face. The children had the opportunity to enjoy their Sunday. Nothing is as precious to see Rabbi Besser pick up a child and start singing to him. It was a day to not be forgotten. Everyone was moved and inspired by the trip! Till next time! ~Sophia Chabot