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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pathfinders Update: Student Gains Real World Experience By Shadowing a Gastroenterologist

Jeffrey Nussbaum with Dr. Silvera
Most high school students usually wake up to go to school in the morning. However, on a past Thursday morning, I had the unique opportunity and privilege of shadowing Dr. Charles Silvera, the gastroenterologist. Thanks to the Yeshivah of Flatbush Pathfinders Program, led by Mrs. Hanon and assisted by Mrs. Anteby, I was able to have a fantastic and educational morning.

Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that is focused primarily on the digestive system and its disorders. Even though I was only with Doctor Silvera for several hours, I could clearly tell that he is highly adroit in his field of practice. Before he started the colonoscopy procedure,which I had the amazing opportunity to watch, he pulled out a plain piece of paper and quickly sketched the small intestines. He explained to me, by means of a visual representation, the different sectors and functions of the small intestines, with ease.

Sure biology is a hard subject to master. However, if you do just that, you aren't ready to become a doctor. In order to become a successful doctor, you need to learn not only within a classic classroom setting but through real-world experiences as well. At the Endoscopy center, I was able to actually watch multiple colonoscopies. Doctor Silvera gave me a play by play analysis of what must be done from the beginning to the end of the procedure. He showed me all of the tools that are used during the procedure and what their functions are. As we ventured through the patient's small intestine through a miniature camera, the doctor explained to me all of the various intestinal diseases and long term issues that one can come across during their lifetime.

"What is my reasoning for wanting to become a physician?" The answer to this general question is very simple. Being a doctor is the highest level of altruism and the best way to give back to society. I want to be the reason why people can become happy and healthy once again. Becoming a successful and knowledgeable surgeon is my dream. Physicians never cease to amaze me. I hope to follow in their footsteps, and the Yeshivah of Flatbush Pathfinders Program has allowed me to get a little closer to fulfilling my dream.

I was so glad that I was given yet another opportunity of gaining real-world experience in an actual medical practice, in addition to the great traditional classroom setting I receive at Flatbush. Thanks to Doctor Silvera, the opportunity truly deepened my passion for the sciences and strengthened my aspiration of becoming a successful doctor sometime in the future.  ~Jeffrey Nussbaum 4-HR