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Friday, March 3, 2017

Color War 2017: Breakout

Decisions define us.  The choices we make in life pave our future, for better or for worse. Throughout the journey of our lives we encounter many opportunities. On this road, at almost every point, there will be an intersection with different paths to take. Sometimes you’ll see the correct path shining before you. That may be a clear inclination of good vs. bad, but more often than not, the options in front of you will vary within the ‘grey area.’

How do we know which path to take? The answer lies in the process. We must use our inner strengths to guide us to the “right” path.  We rely on our Resilience, bravery, curiosity, and integrity to choose correctly.  We internalize these qualities and direct ourselves to success.

Each trait has its own lesson to be learned. Curiosity teaches us that nothing starts unless we search. Opportunities don’t just arise before us, we need to go out and get it. Once we get that far it takes guts and Bravery to take the first step. Integrity provides moral and ethical boundaries.  Success gained through lies and corruption is a hollow and false victory. Resilience motivates us to never back down if we fail the first time.

Unfortunately, on the pathway to success will always be times when you couldn't dodge the bullet or break the wall. If every person gave up at that small failure, or refused to persist when things got difficult, we would never be able to enjoy the successes of others. We are not judged by our failures. We are judged by how we bounce back from those failures. Thomas Edison is famously known for inventing the light bulb. He’s not remembered for the countless times he failed at it.

You’ll notice that the praised leaders and successful people in our history encapsulate all these traits. From Moshe Rabenu to Benjamin Netanyahu, we see resilience, bravery, integrity, and curiosity drive them to success.

It is important that all four are cohesively worked into our everyday lives. There’s no question that the big decisions we make should be held on these principles, but even the little decisions should be held on these principles as well. With resilience, curiosity, bravery, and integrity you’ll have clarity on where to go.

The pathway to success is paved with obstacles and struggles. We rely on our faith and the guidance of Hashem to clarify our mission and our pathways to being true  בני ישראל. 

This year's color war focuses on the theme of Pathways to Success. Each team represents a different way of representing this:
Red: Resilience - נחישות
Navy: Bravery - אומץ
Green: Curiosity - סקרנות
Yellow: Integrity - אמינות

We broke out Color War 2017 with this amazing video: