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Monday, March 20, 2017

Pathfinders Update: Flatbush Students Attend Toy Fair

Yeshivah of Flatbush students had the opportunity to attend the Toy Industry Association's Annual Toy Fair at the Jacob Javitz Center through our Pathfinders Program. Students were able to learn about the toy business in a fun and interesting way.

Walking in to the Javitz Center, I was very confused. All around me I saw toys and games, with price tags and everything, but the people standing by them did not look like ordinary sales people. Eventually I worked up the courage to go and talk to one of the sales people, asking about a laser tag game that I planned on purchasing for my brother's upcoming birthday. He explained to me that their rule is that you had to buy four to get that price, which I was fine with since a laser tag game isn't technically a game with less than four people. He then went on to explain to me the necessity of seeing "lines of credit" and "previous dealings" with other businesses. By the end of our conversation I learned a lot about how retail business works and how it isn't just as simple as giving payment for something that you want. Overall, going to the Toy Fair was a great experience.  ~Moses Bakst, Class of 2018