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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sephardic Heritage Trip 2017/5777: Day 3

We traveled by ferry to Morocco on the third day of the Sephardic Heritage Trip. On our way from Spain to Morocco we witnessed something truly amazing. We saw the point where the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea meet. Since this is such am amazing site Rabbi Harari lead us in saying a special beracha where two body's of water meet (על ים הגדול). As we arrived in Morocco we met our tour guide and he brought us to see The Cave of Hercules. Greek mythology states that Hercules was the one who separated Africa from Europe and his face is in the shape of a natural cave to prove it.
After witnessing this amazing site we went camel riding on the beach. Once we were done riding the camels we made our way deeper into the city of Tangiers. Here we went to the old Jewish quarter of Tangiers and visited two old shuls that were used in the old Moroccan communities. But how can we go to an Old city and not stop by their shuk? We experienced real market-place bargaining and got the best deals that you could get. After shopping in the shuk we had a blast in an authentic Moroccan restaurant with live Arabic music.
Since we had so much fun in Morocco making our way back to Europe was sad for some of us but, as we arrived in Gibraltar we were excited to see what else we have in store. ~Michael Chakkalo, Class of 2017