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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ms. Zaltzman Hosts Challah Bake for Seniors

Friday, February 10th, since many members of the senior class were on Sophomore Seminar as advisors, the remaining seniors got a choice to participate in a multitude of Chesed opportunities. Some of the options were Purim Packaging in the Elementary School, shoveling snow, SBH Tu B'Shvat packaging, visiting elderly at the Shore View Home and Challah Baking at Ms. Zaltzman. I chose to bake with Ms. Zalzman. Since she regularly hosts challah bakes, she was equipped with a variety of supplies that made the whole process easier and more enjoyable. We each got our own mixing bowl, spatula, plastic apron, and measuring spoons and soon got to work using a recipe from Then we were able to consult a book of challah braiding designs to assist us as we put the finishing touches to our challah. We were able to bring our delicious looking challah home with us to surprise our families since as Mrs Zaltzman explained, while there's nothing more beautiful than doing chessed and giving challah to the needy, chessed begins at home and it's nice to treat your family every once in a while. ~Esther Levy, Class of 2017