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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wordwright Challenge Winter 2017

Four teams of students representing Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School recently won high honors in this year's WordWright Challenge, a national competition for high school students requiring close reading and analysis of many different kinds of prose and poetry. Participating with 640 school teams from all across the country, the school's ninth and eleventh graders placed third in the nation in the year's third meet, held in February, while its tenth graders and twelfth graders placed first in the nation.

Several of the school's students won high honors for individual achievement as well: Freshmen Sylvia Franco, Ricky Sasson, and Raquel Silvera; sophomores Sam Beyda, Batya Kairey, Isaac Rosen, and Sonny Setton, and seniors Esther Levy, Estelle Saad, and Sarah Sasson all earned perfect scores in the meet, whereas nationwide only 7 ninth graders, only 7 tenth graders, and only 3 twelfth graders did so. Others who achieved outstanding results included freshman Bonnie Melamed; sophomores Abe Chetrit, Joey Greenberg, Frieda Laniado, and Sally Missry; juniors Lauri Arazi, Netanel Benshabat, Nancy Ades, Daliah Ben-Ari, Maxine Calka, Sally Elbaz, Michael Feldman, and Clemy Jajati, and seniors Deborah Coopersmith, Florence Deutsch, Josef Kusayev, Mimi Lazerowitz, Naomi Sanders, and Sara Shtaynberger. More than 64,000 students from 48 states participated in the meet. The students were supervised by Ms. Shifra Hanon.