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Monday, March 27, 2017

Students Tour Dattner Architects

A group of interested Yeshivah of Flatbush students, including myself, took a Pathfinders trip to Dattner Architects in NYC. We met talented architects who shared with us their stories about how they ended up in the architecture profession. They showed us the ropes and explained what architecture truly entails. We learned what the process is of taking on a new project and turning dreams and designs into reality. We saw the plans and renderings of some of their biggest and most popular projects, including the design for the renovation and extension of our very own high school. The experience was truly eye opening. It is very rare that you are given the opportunity to explore your interests outside of the classroom, but nothing compares to seeing professionals in their element. It gave us a little taste about what architecture in the real world is really like. One of the statements the architect shared with us that really stuck with me was: "I really enjoy how rewarding my job is because no matter the project, there is nothing more enjoyable and exciting than going to visit a finished project and seeing my designs turned into reality." ~Louise Anteby, Class of 2018