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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Seniors Get Certified to Save Lives Through BLINK

On February 16th, the senior grade had the opportunity to learn CPR through an organization called BLINK. Blink was established to train people with life-saving skills, like CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver for free . The program started off with an motivational speech from Mr. Adam Azrak, about how important it is to learn how to use CPR. Following a short video, the class of 2017 got the opportunity do some hands on exercises working with a dummy, to perfect their training of CPR. The students now feel confident to execute what they practiced if they are ever in a situation where it is needed. We hope we never need to preform CPR, but if ever needed, we will be able to save a life. Senior Samantha Chabot said “I am so grateful for this experience. I feel prepared in case of an emergency. Thank you everyone that made this possible." ~ Sarah Sasson, Class of 2017

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Project Blink: CPR Training 2017