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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Heritage Trip to Poland 2017/5777: Day 1

Twenty-five Yeshivah of Flatbush seniors along with Ms. Agassi, Ms. Ginsberg, and Rabbi Lubner arrived in Poland yesterday for our annual Senior Heritage Trip to Poland. Monday was our first day and we went straight from the airport to the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw, the second largest Jewish cemetery in Poland.  This is where Y. L. Peretz and many other prominent Jewish people from before and even after WWII are buried. It really exemplified the rich Jewish culture in Warsaw before the Holocaust.
We then traveled from the Umshlagplatz (deportation square) to Treblinka, the deadliest of the death camps. In Treblinka we walked around the monument which has 10,000 stones, each representing an individual community that was ripped apart by the Holocaust. We stayed in Treblinka through dusk and we lit candles and said Tehilim at the mass graves and monuments of Jews who were killed there. We then traveled to Lublin where we spent the first night.
~Joe BenHaim, Class of 2017